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Mould Removal Melbourne

Mould Removal Melbourne provides Mould Removal and Biological Remediation services across Melbourne and Victoria. Our services include Mould Removal, Mould Cleaning, Mould Testing and Inspection for homeowners, renters, tenants, property investors, landlords, real estate agents and anyone who require mould or biological remediation services for their home.

Mould Removal Melbourne is an arm of Melbourne Forensic Cleaning and has wide-ranging experience and training in this field. We deliver first-class remediation services for the private and public sectors in regional and rural areas.

Our trained, specialist technicians have extensive on-the-job experience to ensure your property is left in a safe, and habitable condition while providing recommendations to eliminate mould and prevent it from growing in your property for good.

Our approach starts with an inspection report providing an overview of the levels of contamination in each room of your property, moisture measurements, useful data and general recommendations along with a quote should you need to proceed to the remediation action plan.

We identify the root cause of mould in your property, such as any water leaks, plumbing issues, inadequate ventilation to ensure the mould problem can be treated at its source and eliminated permanently.

Mould can grow and spread very quickly in a property. Before trying to do the cleaning by yourself, book an inspection with Mould Removal Melbourne.

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Our Mould Services

Mould inpection Melbourne service

Mould Inspections

A complete professional and discrete mould inspection to assess the spread and growth issue of mould in your property, room by room.

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Mould Removal Process

Mould Removal

A complete mould removal process from your property performed by our trained and experienced bioremediation technicians.

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Mould Remediation

A mould remediation is not complete without using proper equipment and measures to prevent further growth in the future.

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