Mould Inspections carried by our specialists

Book a mould inspection for your property in Melbourne by trained technicians who will assist you in identifying the cause of mould growth in your property, as well as detecting any problems in moisture excess, water leaks and poor ventilation causes which may be contributing to the mould growth.

Our mould removal specialists have extensive experience in assessing and cleaning properties with a vast range of contaminants including visible or invisible mould. We will provide a comprehensive remediation plan including preventive measures which will prevent mould from appearing in your home again.

Mould Removal Process

What comes with a Mould Inspection?

If you see mould or suspect mould is present in your home, we are here to provide a mould inspection of your property.

Our mould inspection report includes:

  • Findings on the causes of mould growth
  • Fast turn around
  • Room by room analysis findings
  • Moisture and humidity measurements
  • Photos of affected areas
  • Recommendations and general preventive measures you can take to inhibit mould growth
  • Summary of the mould remediation plan
  • Scope of works and remediation quote
Mould Removal Professional Service in Bathrooms

We are available to assist in getting rid of mould and mould smell at home

Before moving on cleaning visible mould by yourself, we recommend a mould removal specialist analysis and advice to see if some areas are contaminated by invisible mould. Chances are, if mould has appeared in your home, it is caused by a general issue concerning moisture level, ventilation, leaks and so on.

If you elect to have Mould Removal Melbourne complete the remediation for you the cost of the inspection is deducted from the remediation invoice.

Each property and each case are different, and in some cases personal belongings and furnishings may need to be discarded, our expert technicians will assist with assessing the contents and developing an inventory of items deemed to be non-restorable.

We do not sell or receive commissions on other products. Hence, you can rest assured that the results of our report and advice are unbiased.

If you see mould growing in your property, don’t delay and book an expert inspection today.

Mould Testing for Residential and Commercial Properties

Melbourne Mould Removal Company can do swab sampling on surfaces and air sampling using our specialised equipment as part of the inspection process. Samples taken are sent to a laboratory for further analysis, which will provide an accurate representation of mould present in your property in a consolidated report.

Some signs may indicate you have mould issues in your property, such as mould coming back to the same or different areas even after you deep cleaned it. If you are renting a property this could be useful to prove that there is a widespread mould problem in your property to your landlord or agent. The method using swab sampling is an effective way to test your contents and belongings if they have been contaminated due to airborne mould spores.

Testing for invisible mould at home

Generally, indoors mould is obvious and visible and treating it is possible with normal household equipment. However it is important to note that mould loves darkness and moisture which makes it very likely to grow behind walls and in hidden cavities. As part of the inspection process, we can carry a mould testing to give a peace of mind to property owners and tenants.

When should you test for mould?

Most of the time, if you see mould in your property, you do not need to test. However, testing helps uncover the source of the mould issue and can help with long-term prevention.

  • As a standard procedure for pre-purchase real estate
  • Your house has a flooding/leaks/moisture history
  • If you don’t see mould but a constant musty smell remains in the house
  • After mould removal & cleaning, to ensure the mould has completely been eliminated
  • Persistent health symptoms related to mould allergies

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Our Mould Services

Mould inpection Melbourne service

Mould Inspections

A complete professional and discrete mould inspection to assess the spread and growth issue of mould in your property, room by room.

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Mould Removal Process

Mould Removal

A complete mould removal process from your property performed by our trained and experienced bioremediation technicians.

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Mould Remediation

A mould remediation is not complete without using proper equipment and measures to prevent further growth in the future.

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Eliminate mould from your home for good.



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