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What is Mould

What is Mould? Description, health effects and what you can do about it.

Black mould and ice moisture on a wall

Black Mould

Black Mould is a type of Mould that release toxic chemicals for people at risk. Learn more.

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A collection of articles about Mould, other biological contaminants and our services.


If you’re feeling unwell and think there may be mould in your home that your can’t see, it may also be a worth testing your house for meth. Methamphetamine residue is usually not visible and may be the cause of your illness. Previous owners or tenants may have been ice users or involved in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamines. Testing for meth is fast and easy with a meth testing kit. You can swab any surface to see if there is methamphetamine residue over a safe level. Some of the best places to test for meth residue are light switches, air-conditioners, window sills, range-hoods, fans and kitchen cupboard doors above or next to the range-hood.