Mould is a microscopic organism of the fungi family (that includes mushrooms) that can grow anywhere, outdoors or indoors, and on materials such as walls, bathroom tiles, carpets, foods, wood, ceiling, plumbing, paper and clothes.

How Does Mould Grow?

The ideal environment for mould to grow are in damp, moist areas that have poor ventilation. When moisture accumulates in a building, mould is likely to appear. Mould comes in many types and colours and can cause some health issues.

Mould reproduces itself by producing spores which are tiny particles that are carried through the air and deposits on surface where it grows further.

Mould Health Effects

Mould spores are transported through the air and when inhaled, can cause problems to people subject to respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies or with any breathing condition. Inhaling air rich with spores can cause blocked and running nose, eyes irritation and wheezing. In some very rare cases, people can develop  infection in the lungs. However, in most cases you won’t be affected by spores in the air.

How to prevent mould from growing?

Mould needs moisture and nutrients to grow, hence you can prevent it from growing in your home by reducing dampness and improving air quality.

  • Maintain proper ventilation by opening windows regularly
  • Turn on exhaust fans when showering or cooking
  • Limit air humidifiers, indoor plants
  • Look for any water leaks and plumbing issues
  • Completely dry items that get wet when water enters your home

How to get rid of mould?

Most of the time, mould will be visible, and anyone is able to remove mould using the right tools and solutions. However, you may only be treating the symptoms and not the root causes that allowed mould to grow in your home such as water leaks. Sometimes, mould grows in unsuspected places in cavities and the ceiling and can be invisible.

You can get your house a mould testing through our mould inspection services. Our experts can give you an overview of how much your property is mould contaminated as well as some remediation and prevention plans. Book your inspection today.

Mold or Mould?

Mould and Mold have the same meaning and refer to the type of fungi that grows in moist and damp areas.

“Mold” is the American spelling, whereas “Mould” is the term that British and Australians used more commonly, and is more used in Australia

Our Mould Services

Mould inpection Melbourne service

Mould Inspections

A complete professional and discrete mould inspection to assess the spread and growth issue of mould in your property, room by room.

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Mould Removal Process

Mould Removal

A complete mould removal process from your property performed by our trained and experienced bioremediation technicians.

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Mould Remediation

A mould remediation is not complete without using proper equipment and measures to prevent further growth in the future.

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