Bioremediation technician performing mould removal and remediation service in Portland

Experts in Mould Removal in Portland

Our Expert Mould Removal and Remediation Team is mainly based in Portland and Victoria, but we also have teams across Australia. All our technicians are trained and experienced in identifying, treating and preventing mould and any kind of biological contaminant. Whether you are a homeowner, tenant, real estate agent, landlord or investor in Portland, we have the solution which will ensure your property is clean for good. We provide an effective way treating with mould. Call us today to get your free quote in Portland

Mould Inspections in Victoria carried by our specialists

Book a mould inspection for your property in Portland by trained technicians who will assist you in identifying the cause of mould growth in your property, as well as detecting any problems in moisture excess, water leaks and poor ventilation causes which may be contributing to the mould growth. Our mould removal specialists Portland have extensive experience in assessing and cleaning properties with a vast range of contaminants including visible or invisible mould. We will be providing a comprehensive remediation plan including preventive measures which will prevent mould from appearing in your home again.

What happens in Mould Inspection?

If you see mould or suspect mould is present in your home in Portland, we are here to provide a mould inspection of your property.

Our mould inspection report includes:
  • Findings on the causes of mould growth
  • Fast turn around
  • Room by room analysis findings
  • Moisture and humidity measurements
  • Photos of affected areas
  • Recommendations and general preventive measures you can take to inhibit mould growth
  • Summary of the mould remediation plan
  • Scope of works and remediation quote
Before moving on cleaning visible mould by yourself, we recommend a mould removal specialist analysis in Portland and Victoria and advice to see if some areas are contaminated by invisible mould. Chances are, if mould has appeared in your home, it is caused by a general issue concerning moisture level, ventilation, leaks and so on. If you elect to have Mould Removal Portland complete the remediation for you the cost of the inspection is deducted from the remediation invoice. Each property and each case are different, and in some cases personal belongings and furnishings may need to be discarded, our expert technicians will assist with assessing the contents and developing an inventory of items deemed to be non-restorable. We do not sell or receive commissions on other products. Hence, you can rest assured that the results of our report and advice are unbiased. If you see mould growing in your property in Victoria, do not delay and book an expert inspection today.

The Need for Mould Remediation in Portland and regional Victoria

A professional Mould Removal is necessary when you see mould growing in various areas of your property. If mould is present in a certain area, chances are it is growing or will grow in other unsuspected places and you will need to have it removed by professionals to prevent mould from appearing again. Our remediation team has extensive experience in cleaning mould and all sorts of biological contaminants and will make sure that mould will be eradicated from good, and that your home is perfectly clean and safe to live in. You can get an initial inspection as soon as today if you live in Portland or regional Victoria. Mould is an organism that grows naturally on any type of surface and in a moist and damp environment. If not visible, sometimes mould can be detected by its murky smell. It reproduces by producing spores that are carried through the air and take root in places where they will further expand. Because of its particular ability to move through the air, Mould can pose health risks to people with asthma, allergies or any other breathing conditions. People with weaker immune system are more at risk than others. Mould Removal Portland can assist you in Mould removal from your home for good. After an initial inspection, we follow a rigorous and efficient process to ensure your home is left in a clean and safe condition.

Mould Remediation Process Portland

Initial Mould Inspection

A specialist in mould removal will perform a complete mould inspection at your home to identify any signs of visible and invisible mould. Do not wait any longer and call us today mould remediation mould remediation mould remediation mould remediation mould remediation mould remediation

Report Issued with Photos and Remediation plan

We will send you a detailed inspection report with data outlining the findings of the analysis as well as photos of areas affected, readings on moisture levels, room by room analysis along with general recommendations on preventive measures and a quote for remediation.

Mould Treatment Action

The Mould removal process involves treatment of the walls, ceiling and timbers that show visible mould, as well as mould hidden behind equipment and furniture and mould present on clothes and items.

Fogging the property

After the main mould treatment process, we proceed to fogging the entire property, which is covering the property with a non-toxic solution to eliminate remaining spores and we will run air filtration measures to improve the quality of air and moisture levels.

Preventive Measures

The fogging of your property will prevent mould from growing again by eliminating spores present in the air, and we will recommend you products that can improve the air quality of your home such as ventilation fans, air purifiers and dehumidifiers depending on your specific situation.